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ABS’ long-lasting antimicrobial surface coating, SurfaceWise, creates a hostile microscopic environment on surfaces, making it difficult for disease-causing microorganisms to live and multiply.  LEARN MORE

How Microbes Spread


This video illustrates how quickly bacteria and viruses can spread, and how easy it is to get infected without even thinking about it.


12 Feb

Allied BioScience names Operations Manager (Beckers Hospital Review – Feb. 12, 2015)

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Tara Rogiers was recently named the operations manager of Allied BioScience, a Dallas-based technology company that produces antimicrobial surface coatings. In her new role, Ms. Rogiers will help structure both internal and external operations at Allied BioScience. She will focus on planning and executing processes to introduce SurfaceWise, a product of Allied BioScience.


10 Feb

Personnel Moves: Jules Sullivan (D Healthcare Daily – Feb. 10, 2015)

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Allied BioScience, a Dallas-based biotechnology company that produces antimicrobial surface coatings, today announced Jules Sullivan as the company’s new vice president of health care.In this role, Sullivan will pioneer the introduction and adoption of ABS’ antimicrobial products in the health care industry, specifically in market segments such as hospitals, surgery centers, long-term care facilities and other non-acute care settings.


06 Feb

Strategies: How I Wage War against Infection and Improve the Bottom Line (Dallas Business Journal – Feb. 6, 2015)

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Allied BioScience Inc., a relative newcomer to the North Texas bioscience community, is helping hospitals fight infections. The company, which moved its headquarters to Dallas last year, has developed a proprietary antimicrobial surface coating called SurfaceWise that breaks the chain of infection. It’s intended for use in hospitals, cruise ships and other high-traffic public areas.


03 Feb

Disinfection’s Softer Side: Soft-surface Solutions Create Safer Healthcare Environment (Healthcare Purchasing News) – Feb. 3, 2015

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Pathogens are sneaky, insinuating themselves into nearly every aspect of patient care. Even a privacy curtain, for instance, can be life-threatening. Yet, not so long ago, soft surfaces were given little or no thought as potential sources of cross-transmission — an oversight that has worked in pathogens’ favor for a long time. Fortunately, today’s attitudes have changed and effective soft-surface solutions are widely available and used successfully to prevent cross-contamination in the healthcare setting.