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Our long-lasting, non-toxic antimicrobial surface coating reduces the microbial burden on surfaces by creating an atmosphere that makes it difficult, if not impossible, for germs to survive. SurfaceWise™ creates a hostile microscopic environment on surfaces where it is difficult for bacterial and viral microorganisms to live, spread and grow.

Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI) Cost Our Healthcare System Nearly $10 Billion Per Year

If the loss of life from HAIs was not alarming enough, then look at what this epidemic means in dollars and cents. According to the CDC’s 2013 report on HAIs,* the average cost to treat one infection is $36,000. In many cases, these costs come directly out of the hospital’s wallet. All told, the financial costs associated with HAIs has reached at least $10 billion annually.

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SurfaceWise™, An Antimicrobial Surface Coating That Could Turn These Numbers Around

Rather than only attacking these infections on the back end, hospitals need to do more to combat them on the front end. SurfaceWise’s™ proactive hygiene approach is a game-changing antimicrobial surface coating that can reduce the spread of infection by providing a protective barrier against pathogens on surfaces.


Here’s How It Works

Whereas cleaning products are a reactive response to dealing with surface contaminants, SurfaceWise™ is a proactive action which prevents the deposit and accumulation of germs. This antimicrobial surface coating binds to surfaces at a molecular level to create a new “surface.” This new surface works continuously to deliver proactive hygiene, creating a long-lasting antimicrobial barrier to surface pathogens.

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