Hello, Sports Fans: Getting Fans Back In The Game

December 2020

What you need to know:

  • Sports franchises are suffering without fans in the stands, having lost more than $6 billion in potential game-day revenue.
  • Players are back in the game, but it’s not enough. They need a solution that makes fans feel safe to fill stadiums — faster.
  • SurfaceWise is the only solution that’s been tested — and proven — to protect surfaces in sports facilities.

If Dallas Cowboys Running Back Ezekiel Elliott scores a touchdown, but all his fans don’t get to see it, did he even do a celebratory dance? It’s a silly question that highlights a serious concern many sports professionals have — that lack of fan engagement due to pandemic restrictions will continue to devastate franchise revenue.

Back in March 2020, in-person sporting events were among the first public events to get canceled due to the pandemic. This led athletic arenas, stadiums and even youth sports centers to shut their doors to large crowds, yielding a massive, growing revenue loss for a major American industry and contributing to thousands of layoffs nationwide.

And while teams are still playing, stadiums remain at reduced capacity, and those vacant seats are bleeding franchises dry. In fact, pandemic-related game postponements and cancellations in the United States and Canada have caused the loss of more than $6 billion in potential game-day revenue and affected more than 116 million possible attendees.

New research shows SARS-CoV-2 can outlive influenza on surfaces by 10 days, meaning this is a problem masks and social distancing alone cannot solve. To make in-person sporting events safe, franchises must ensure viruses can’t live on high-traffic surfaces.

So what’s the solution? Dig into diminishing funds to hire more staff to clean more often with traditional disinfectants that only work for a moment? It’s not a financially feasible long-term approach. Scaling back your cleaning operation while increasing surface protection that makes fans feel like they can safely come support their teams in person? That could work.

“To rebuild the $100 billion U.S. sports industry, the long-lasting, EPA-approved surface coating SurfaceWise2 is the most effective way to protect stadiums, locker rooms and training facilities, and keep players and fans safe,” said Daryl Johnston, Allied BioScience Senior Sports Advisor and former Dallas Cowboys Fullback.

SurfaceWise2™ is a surface cleaning solution proven to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including SARS-CoV-2, Influenza, MRSA and more, for months at a time with just one application. It’s durable and protects just about any surface, so you can spray it on armrests and lockers, benches and concession stands, bathroom doors and training equipment — all without worrying about it rubbing off.

And these aren’t just guesses. The product’s effectiveness has been proven in studies within professional NFL and NBA facilities. SurfaceWise, our original product, was applied to surfaces in both facilities and observed throughout periods of both high and low occupancy. Overall, bacteria in both spaces decreased by 75% despite fluctuations in occupancy. Since then, we’ve developed SurfaceWise2, which has built on the efficacy of the original product, providing even more powerful protection.

Games just aren’t the same with fewer fans in the stands. SurfaceWise2 provides precision protection, completely sanitizing every inch of the surfaces in your space. Turn on the bright lights, get back on the field and give fans something to cheer about. Make your facility safe with SurfaceWise2.

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