The Difference A Decade Can Make: How SurfaceWise2™ Was Born

November 2020

What you need to know:

  • With the onset of the pandemic, lots of companies are making dubious claims about their new cleaning products.
  • SurfaceWise2 is the only EPA-approved solution proven to eliminate viruses, including COVID-19, for months with a single application.
  • Allied BioScience, the company behind SurfaceWise2, has been developing and testing the product for a decade, compared to these companies that are opportunistically developing similar products now.

“New” isn’t always better, and “established” doesn’t always mean outdated. In fact, in the cleaning industry — which is powered by science — established, proven products beat out their new “innovative” competitors time after time.

This is because innovation isn’t born overnight. Most often, it springs from years of research and trials, late nights and lightning bulb moments. That’s how we came up with SurfaceWise2, a surface protectant that eliminates viruses, including COVID-19, for 90 days

The COVID-19 pandemic created an opening for many companies to capitalize on consumer fears about cleanliness. Suddenly, in an industry where there was a single proven, EPA-approved, continuously cleaning surface solution, dozens of products appeared, hawking false claims unsupported by the EPA, and without proper testing or research.

But despite those dangerous claims from companies aiming to capitalize on growing demand, SurfaceWise2 remains the only EPA-approved, Always-On™surface coating that continuously kills coronavirus and other microbes.

Additionally, each one of our claims is field-tested, third-party- and lab-verified.

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A Company — And Claims —You Can Trust

A powerhouse in fighting the spread of infectious diseases, SurfaceWise2 was developed over the course of a decade with convenience, effectiveness and safety in mind. Our Allied BioScience team that created it comprises America’s leading scientific minds in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and material sciences. Since 2008, we’ve worked to develop disruptive, innovative solutions like SurfaceWise2 that create cleaner human environments.

Ten years of trials led to our first-generation residual antimicrobial solution, SurfaceWise®. We didn’t stop there — we continued to iterate and improve on the solution to create SurfaceWise2, which is lab-verified to kill SARS-CoV-2 for months with a single application.

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The Power Of SurfaceWise2

Stated plainly, SurfaceWise2 is the only solution of its kind in existence. It’s the first and only EPA-approved solution to provide continuous control of coronaviruses. A single application cuts surface bacteria by 93%, offering months of protection against illnesses including COVID-19, influenza, MRSA and more. It’s supported by 75 global patents, requires zero downtime, works on all surfaces and is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It’s durable enough to be used in conjunction with hospital-grade disinfectants without wiping away or diminishing in power.

Nothing comparable has preceded SurfaceWise2. So much so, in fact, the existence of the product required the EPA to create a new category of registration, guaranteeing the product’s peerless status now and into the foreseeable future.

But we’re not stopping there. With SurfaceWise2, we’re constantly pushing the limits of possible protection, evolving the technology, and patenting a new way to measure product durability.

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