Keep Class In Session: How SurfaceWise2™ Can Revive In-Person Learning

November 2020

What you need to know:

  • Schools are dealing with a lack of funding after the pandemic forced learning online and enrollment numbers dropped.
  • E-learning isn’t just hurting budgets — it’s disrupting students’ learning on a large scale.
  • Schools continuing to teach in-person have to face the constant fear of a shutdown as we enter flu season and COVID-19 cases spike.
  • SurfaceWise2 is the solution schools need to keep kids and staff safe while teaching in person.

It’s no secret: the rise and continuation of the coronavirus pandemic has crippled the American education system, much like it has with other industries and societal cornerstones. And just like leaders in those industries, educators are looking for sustainable, effective solutions to combat the virus while keeping kids in classrooms.

At this point, many schools and universities have already transitioned to e-learning, and it’s failing for a multitude of reasons. Even for students with reliable internet access and well-organized workspaces, successful learning is difficult to ensure. Distractions in the home, shrinking attention spans and the difficulty of holding students accountable from afar have all contributed to a decline in their academic progress.

In fact, according to a McKinsey & Company analysis, researchers fear the average student could fall behind seven months academically due to e-learning and school shutdowns, adding that this deficit could be equivalent to a nine-month setback for Latino children and a 10-month setback for black children.

On top of this, schools have to deal with tight budgets as a result of lost funding from declining enrollment.

Long story short: students need to return to the classroom, for both their sake and the sake of the schools.

Barriers to a proper academic restart exist for educators and parents. How will parents know when it’s safe to send their kids back? What can schools do to protect students from future outbreaks and shutdowns, especially with flu season adding to the pandemic?

One of the best ways to help prevent the spread of germs between staff and students is to make every surface around them safe. SurfaceWise2 creates a safe, powerful barrier that actively and continuously kills germs for months, significantly reducing their spread. It’s the solution that can get students and faculty back in the environment where they learn and teach the best — the classroom.

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A single application of SurfaceWise has been shown in studies to reduce surface bacteria by 93%, offering lasting protection against SARS-CoV-2, Influenza, Norovirus, MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus and more. But what does this really mean for schools and students?

For schools, it means saving precious time and reducing janitorial labor by returning to pre-COVID cleaning procedures while SurfaceWise2 does the heavy antimicrobial lifting. The less time teachers have to spend wiping down desks and chairs means more time for them to focus on their students.

SurfaceWise2 protects students against repeated exposure to cleaners containing harsh, toxic chemicals that aren’t meant to be regularly touched or inhaled. In a cleaner learning environment, students can return to focusing on what they’re supposed to: their studies.

There’s no more time to waste. Schools need the funding, students need a proper education, parents need some reassurance and everyone could use some peace of mind. Class is back in session with SurfaceWise2.

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