Keep It Clean: Meeting Consumers’ New Higher Expectations

December 2020

What you need to know:

  • The pandemic has forever changed the way frequent fliers book their tickets.
  • The bar has been raised on cleanliness protocols, and consumers are using them to make decisions.
  • SurfaceWise2™ is a powerful, safe solution you can add to your existing cleaning for deep, long-lasting protection.

Seating assignments. Scheduled stops. Fares and fees. Before 2020, these were among the primary considerations for travelers booking flights. As we enter 2021, we’re adding one to the list: Cleanliness protocols.

Consumers are savvy as to which companies and brands use cleaning protocols that make them feel safe — and we know that because they’re researching company protocols and using them to make decisions. In fact, when Americans were asked about their criteria for selecting a travel brand or company, cleanliness/hygiene was the top factor in determining their choice, beating cost and everything else.

A different kind of airplane safety

Cleanliness isn’t a new issue for airlines. And it might be worse than we thought: the average airplane tray table has eight times more bacteria than the airplane toilet flush button. When it comes to truly cleaning these surfaces, traditional disinfectants don’t do the job.

People may have joked about the state of cleanliness on airplanes before, but most consumers now see it as a serious deciding factor, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

The SurfaceWise2 stamp of approval

Keeping up with increasingly rigorous safety regulations can be costly and confusing. Airlines need a simple solution to add to regular cleaning that does the hard work of sanitizing surfaces for long periods of time while putting passengers and staff at ease.

SurfaceWise2 offers that level of safety, efficiency and confidence. It’s a surface coating that continuously kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including SARS-CoV-2, Influenza, the common cold, staph and more.

It’s different from a traditional disinfectant because it doesn’t rub off after it’s been applied. In fact, it stays put for months, providing powerful protection against germs on seats, tray tables, lavatories, seatbelts and more.

Consumers can feel safe with SurfaceWise2 for more than one reason — it’s nontoxic and has no harmful chemicals or vapors. So staff who spend hours at a time on a plane can safely service flight after flight without worrying about the adverse effects of hazardous disinfectants.

The proof behind SurfaceWise2 claims

So how does SurfaceWise2 actually do up in the air? A single coating of SurfaceWise2 was tested on a commercial aircraft over the course of 160 flights. During those flights, it protected 1,200 passengers while enduring more than 200 COVID-style cleaning procedures.

That single coating was proven to continuously kill germs the entire time without losing power or effectiveness.

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It’s time for takeoff

American Airlines, has already added SurfaceWise2 to their cleaning protocols. Learn more about why they chose SurfaceWise2 and see why it might be a good fit for your company.

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