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The latest news about SurfaceWise2™ and the evolution of the multi-layered safety plan.

Allied BioScience and Electrostatic Spraying Systems Announce Strategic Alliance

Plano, TX
November 20, 2019

Allied BioScience, an Infection Prevention company specializing in always-on, continuous antimicrobial surface coatings and Electrostatic Spraying Systems (ESS) have entered into a strategic alliance to co-market their innovative products together and to develop next-generation products together. Under the mutually agreed upon alliance, ESS will become Allied BioScience’s exclusive supplier of electrostatic sprayers.

“As the leader in the emerging continuously active antimicrobials space, Allied BioScience is thrilled to join with ESS, who pioneered electrostatic sprayers decades ago and provides the highest standards of quality, reliability and innovation,” said Mike Ruley, Chief Executive Officer, Allied BioScience. “This alliance will enable our customers across public environments to apply our revolutionary coating safely, effectively, efficiently. ESS’ best-in-class delivery systems help ensure complete surface coverage to protect the environment in many types of public spaces, including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, stadiums and arenas, schools, fitness centers and many more.”


An Alliance Rooted in Science
Allied BioScience and ESS share company cultures and proprietary, patented product portfolios with deep foundations in next-generation science, technical rigor and unbridled innovation. This alliance fuses these synergies to deliver next-generation coatings and sprayers in service of public health in public spaces.

ESS represents decades of leadership in spraying systems of the highest quality,” said Bruce Whiting, President of Electrostatic Spraying Systems, Inc. “Our sprayers are used globally to empower professionals across different sectors to do their job compliantly, more efficiently and effectively. With our deeply rooted innovative culture, we are proud to join with Allied BioScience as their exclusive supplier for their innovative continuous antimicrobial coatings.”

To learn more about Allied BioScience, visit alliedbioscience.com
To learn more about Electrostatic Spraying Systems, visit maxcharge.com


About Allied BioScience:
Allied BioScience is dedicated to improving public health by developing innovative solutions to create cleaner human environments. Allied BioScience specializes in revolutionary, always-on antimicrobial coatings that provide continuous and long-lasting surface protection across public spaces.


About Electrostatic Spraying Systems:
Electrostatic Spraying Systems, Inc. (“ESS”) is the world leader in manufacturing electrostatic sprayers and equipment for applying water-based solutions and chemicals utilizing proprietary electrostatic technology. ESS electrostatic sprayers are ideal and extremely efficient when applying disinfectants and protective coatings. The ESS charged droplet spray can get into nooks and crannies other sprayers miss. The combination of optimized air-assist with high levels of electrostatic spray charge produces the highest spray transfer efficiency of any sprayer on the market. ESS technology gets the most out of chemicals at very low volume rates with ESS MaxCharge™ technology.


Media Contact:
Danielle Caponi Bolla
Ponte Collaborative
[email protected]

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