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The latest news about SurfaceWise2™ and the evolution of the multi-layered safety plan.

First Healthcare-Associated Infection Reduction Tied to Use of 90-Day Antimicrobial Coating, Study Indicates

Always-On™ surface coating demonstrates first correlation of sustained environmental bioburden reduction and 36% Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) declines.

Plano, TX
April 28, 2020
A new study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases finds a patented continuously active antimicrobial coating used in two high-acuity hospitals has produced the first-ever association between sustained environmental bioburden decreases (79% and 75%, respectively) and Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) reductions – 36% across both sites. The continuous antimicrobial coating is the first-generation product developed by Dallas-based biotechnology company, Allied BioScience.

The Allied BioScience coating was applied via electrostatic sprayer in three selected intensive care units at each hospital. Surface cultures were evaluated at an independent 3rd party laboratory pre-and-postapplication to measure bioburden levels. HAI outcomes were assessed using National Healthcare Safety Network protocols; HAI rates were then compared for treated and untreated units for 12-months before and after application of surface coating.

Concern for illness and infections extends beyond healthcare into high-traffic public sites including: mass transit systems, schools, government buildings, military sites, airports, airplanes and correctional facilities. The study’s results demonstrate Allied BioScience’s patented Always-On™ coatings’ impact in helping to prevent cross-contamination from microbe transmission in dynamic environments.

Enhanced Environmental Protection for a Modern-Day Battleground
“Enhanced environmental controls have never been more critical to support Public Health. No other antimicrobial surface coating technology has been similarly tested and revealed published comparable efficacy results,” said Dr. Charles Gerba, co-author on the Clinical Infectious Diseases manuscript, and professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona. “The coating’s success in controlling bacterial contaminations signaled an immediate interest in its strength against viruses; a second-generation product is already showing promise.

“The urgent need for our coatings is distilled in a simple insight: contamination in public spaces is continuous, yet conventional cleaning and disinfecting is point-in-time. Doing so constantly to replicate a continuous benefit is impractical and prohibitively expensive,” added Michael Ruley, Chief Executive Officer, Allied BioScience. “This groundbreaking study provides deep evidence proving our coatings’ unique efficacy. We are eager to see if such results can be mirrored for viruses.”


About Allied Bioscience
Allied BioScience’s mission is to develop, produce and distribute unique, transparent and durable antimicrobial surface coatings that economically, effectively and continuously diminish the microbial burden and reduce the incidence of bacterial, viral and fungal disease.


Press Contact
Aaron Murphy | Edelman
[email protected]

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