In addition to working directly with customers, Allied BioScience partners with distributors, service providers, and product manufacturers to bring our Always‑On™ protective coatings to public spaces where continuous antimicrobial protection is needed most.

Pre-Treated Surfaces & Textiles


The Blickman Allied BioScience Partnership


Allied BioScience is excited to be in partnership with Blickman Industries, the market leader in stainless steel and chrome equipment to offer an innovative product line of continuously protected antimicrobial* medical equipment. Allied BioScience and Blickman share a deep dedication to public health and a mission to help protect patients and equipment from cross-contamination. This partnership provides a new layer of defense with continuous antimicrobial* protection for key medical equipment.


Customers who have come to respect the Blickman brand for over 130 years now have the opportunity for their high-quality medical equipment to be continuously protected from environmental contamination.

Blickman’s full portfolio of stainless steel and chrome medical equipment will be available with continuous antimicrobial* protection, including Mayo stands, case carts, IV poles, storage cabinets and warming cabinets.


For detailed product offerings and ordering information, contact Blickman today!

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*Allied BioScience’s antimicrobial coating is registered as a microbiostatic coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi (mold and mildew) and algae which cause odor, staining and discoloration. This product does not protect users or others against food-borne or disease-causing bacteria and fungi.