Retail Rebound: The Best Way To Grow Your Business This Holiday

November 2020

What you need to know:

  • The holiday shopping season is going to look different this year with pandemic insecurity and flu season fears keeping people from shopping in stores.
  • Retailers are looking for ways to reassure shoppers and staff, with the aim of driving in-store traffic to recoup 2020 losses.
  • Retailers need to think outside the traditional disinfectant box to give customers the confidence to engage in physical shopping.

The holiday season is typically retailers’ most profitable time of year. But with 2020 being such a volatile year for the retail industry (think shutdowns, slashed services and consumer shifts to online shopping thanks to COVID-19), many retailers are looking for ways to not only capture a portion of the holiday market, but to also increase foot traffic to recover losses from earlier in the year.

One thing hasn’t changed in 2020: People still have a strong desire (perhaps more than ever before) to engage in the physical holiday shopping experience. All they need is the assurance they can do so safely. The following tactics are the best ways retailers can get people back into stores this holiday season.

Make a plan that makes customers feel safe.

Before customers set foot in your store, they want to feel confident in your space’s cleanliness. This is not only because of COVID-19, but also because flu season is kicking into high gear. They want to know that you’ve taken the proper precautions to keep them safe so they can visit your store regularly throughout the season.

The best way to make them feel confident and comfortable enough to shop is to make a safety plan that puts an intentional focus on the proper cleaning and disinfection of your space. You want to make sure you’re doing this in a way that doesn’t put an unnecessary financial strain on your business. In order to do that, it’s important to determine two things:

  1. Which surfaces harbor the most germs, and
  2. How to safely, effectively and efficiently treat them.

Attack the germiest places in your store.

Research in grocery stores and malls shows us that not all surfaces are equal when it comes to germs, and some of the germiest spots in your store might surprise you.

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Don’t rely solely on traditional disinfectants.

If you decide to clean exclusively with traditional cleaning products like wipes and sprays, prepare to spend a lot of money restocking and a lot of time cleaning and recleaning. That’s because traditional disinfectants only provide momentary protection when you apply them and then wear off the minute you use the space again. They also contain toxic chemicals that aren’t meant to be touched or inhaled regularly.

Instead, add a safe, powerful solution that continuously kills viruses and bacteria for months with a single application. SurfaceWise2™ is the only EPA-approved product proven to continuously kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including SARS-CoV-2, within two hours. That means less restocking and less spending.

SurfaceWise2 can be applied to and is effective on virtually any surface, including the ones in retail spaces, with one application providing protection for the entire shopping season. And don’t worry about hiring someone to come in and apply it — comprehensive application training for your existing cleaning crew is available.

The spray is safe, non-toxic, non-irritant and contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), so there’s no risk to your customers or staff interacting with these surfaces. Plus, with the SurfaceWise2 seal of approval posted on your door and website, people feel more confident coming in. Finally, it’s the best way to protect your customers and staff without having to close your location for additional COVID cleaning.

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