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Certified ABS Technicians can seamlessly coordinate all operations and logistics to efficiently treat your facility with minimal disruption to daily operations.



SurfaceWise is an EPA-registered surface coating (EPA Reg. Number: 92082-1) that provides an invisible barrier to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi (mold and mildew) and algae which cause odor, staining and discoloration. This revolutionary coating has been demonstrated to provide continuous protection, when used as directed, on a variety of treated surfaces, including plastic, stainless steel, mattresses, rubber, dry wall, painted surfaces, and textiles.

How this Long-lasting Surface Coating Works

The odorless and invisible coatings, while non-toxic to humans and non-aquatic pets, bond to the surface and create a hostile environment that disrupts the cell membranes and prevents these organisms from attaching and thriving on treated surfaces.

Allied BioScience in Action

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