The Definitive Checklist For Reopening Your Business

October 2020

What you need to know:

  • In order to reopen your business safely, follow the recommended steps below.
  • One of those steps is keeping your space safe and clean, but that’s tough to do with traditional disinfectants.
  • SurfaceWise2™ stops the invasion of bacteria and viruses for months with a single application.

As consumers resume in-person shopping and dining, they’re paying attention to the ways different businesses are preparing to keep them safe. In the same way, business owners are looking for ways to answer their concerns and meet new challenges. So if you’re a business owner looking to model confidence and safety for your customers and staff, keep your space in line with the following checklist.

Business Safety Checklist

  • Stay informed. Regularly check and make sure you’re in compliance with local and national safety mandates. Rules for reopening and operation can vary by state and industry. Make sure you’re paying attention to the latest operating guidelines for businesses in general, as well as for ones in your industry. Here are some places you can check in with for regular updates: the Centers for Disease Control, OSHA, the SBA and state and local health departments.
  • Make a protection plan. There are a few things to consider going forward, so make sure to act accordingly by structuring a plan you can share with your customers and employees. 
  • Stock up on protective equipment. You’ll want to have plenty of protective equipment on hand for yourself and your staff, and even for your customers if necessary. This can include everything from face masks and face shields to gloves or plexiglass separators for cash registers and tables.
  • Perform health screenings on employees — and customers if necessary. Many businesses have made it common practice to screen anyone entering their space by performing a quick temperature check. Consider rotating your employees in the same shifts so you can trace any exposure a little easier. And remember, if someone has a COVID-19 test come back positive but they don’t have any symptoms, you still shouldn’t let them back into your space before they’re cleared by a medical provider.
  • Set up a COVID-19 cleaning program. Proper cleaning and disinfection are key to slowing the spread of the virus and bacteria in general. If you decide to clean with traditional disinfectants, like wipes and sprays, prepare to spend a lot of money restocking and a lot of time cleaning and recleaning. That’s because traditional disinfectants only provide momentary protection when you apply them, and then wear off the minute you use the space again. 

However, if you use SurfaceWise2, you can feel confident that every space — and every surface in those spaces — has been treated to continuously kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria so you can continue operating your business efficiently and safely. 

The SurfaceWise2 Always-On™ antiviral surface coating continuously kills microbes like SARS-CoV-2, MRSA, norovirus, influenza and more. It’s the only EPA-approved product of its type that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria within two hours — and it lasts for months without reapplication. SurfaceWise2 can be applied to and is effective on virtually any surface, and comprehensive application training for your cleaning crew is available. 

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