Protecting Livelihood Through Revolutionary Science

At Allied BioScience, our vision is to save lives and reduce the global burden of infectious disease through the applications of coatings that interfere with the spread of microorganisms we all encounter in our daily lives.

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SurfaceWise2 Becomes First Antiviral Surface Coating Approved By EPA To Continuously Protect Against COVID-19 With A Single Application.

Allied BioSciences’s next-generation coating provides crucial surface protection in fight against COVID-19 as Texas businesses reopen.

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The Values That Guide Our Work

  • We’re devoted to excellence and integrity in our work.
  • We honor our customers, co-workers and shareholders.
  • Science drives everything we do.
  • We serve the world, but our first priority is the United States.
  • We focus on health care, government, logistics, transportation, education and hospitality.
  • We work with strategic partners who share our values.

Innovations For A Better World

Since 2008, Allied BioScience has been developing innovative solutions to create cleaner human environments. We specialize in disruptive, always-on antimicrobial coatings that provide continuous, long-lasting surface protection across public spaces.

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A Decade In The Making

Allied BioScience has deep roots in basic environmental science. Since its inception, our primary goal has been to find a way to develop surface-coating technology to create a formulation that provides a long-lasting solution to maintain clean surfaces.

By 2008, we had enlisted the help of some of America’s leading scientific minds in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and material sciences to help formulate a surface coating effective at inhibiting bacterial growth, fungi (mold and mildew) and algae that can cause odor, staining and discoloration. These respected scientists included well-known experts in surface-coating technologies.

Allied BioScience is comprised of an allied team of scientists and business professionals dedicated to bringing a new technology that redefines what it means to have a clean environment.