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Thank you for your interest in Allied BioScience. Together we can create safer and healthier human environments.


  • If one can solve problems known to us and improve our health and environment at the same time, – why wouldn’t we each do more? ABS is proving every day that we can solve problems. They have solutions to known issues right now that not only improve our everyday lives, but improve our environment for profound sustainability.

    -David M. Stumpo, Founder and CEO of the American Public Transit Exams Institute (APTREX) and former Chief Operating Officer, San Francisco Municipal Railway; Vice President Rail Operations, Dallas Area Rapid Transit Authority and Chief Operations Officer, Operations Division, SEPTA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and ABS shareholder.
  • ABS was able to determine the source and extent of the problem, and recommended and implemented an effective solution. [They] then followed up with post-testing… demonstrating that ABS had done what they said they would do – create a ‘healthy human habitat’.

    -Donald Schrock, Satisfied recipient of SurfaceWise
  • As a biomedical scientist, I am always attracted to innovative technologies and products that help people combat environmental health threats such as infection. ABS is developing solutions to reduce the transfer of pathological germs by creating long-lasting antimicrobial surface coatings leading to safer and healthier human environments. I believe the company will lead the way in preventing the spread of infectious diseases through the company’s innovative technology. As a scientific advisory board member, I can help guide the development and application of the technology for the company.

    -Bifeng (Alan) Gao, Ph. D., Technical Director and Manager, Genomic Microarray Core Laboratory, Cancer Center, University of Colorado Denver and ABS shareholder
  • Elimination of disease-causing germs from surfaces helps prevent the spread of infectious disease. I am excited to participate on the ABS Scientific Advisory Board because research has shown that ABS’s antimicrobial coatings make surfaces inhospitable to germs, which means that the coatings can be used on the surfaces in our shared spaces to help prevent them from participating in the transmission of germs and illnesses.

    -Brooks Hybertson, MBA, Ph. D. Clinical Associate Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine and ABS shareholder
  • The coating virtually eliminated the offending odor and I am confident that it will reduce the transmission of surface borne bacteria and viruses…The fact that this process in environmentally friendly and ‘green technology based’ is just another positive for the City of Richmond.

    -Cord Frederickson Building Maintenance Coordinator